Tip Toe

Vic Cionetti
Vic Cionetti


"TIP TOE" on the other hand, is a tune that started out a few months ago with a little funk line, that morphed into a hip hop groove thing, that then suggested (via the eventual title), that a vocal might really cap it off. Because most music today seems to be strictly vocal or exclusively instrumental, I took a stab at combining both styles in order to try something different. After writing the lyric I asked my wife Char Gonzales, who had never sung professionally before, or even stepped foot inside a recording booth, to give it a shot. We rehearsed it at home for a couple of weeks. Once in the studio, we tried to have as much fun with "Tip Toe" as possible. So, due to the style and nature of the lyric, we attempted to plug in a little of Marilyn's M.'s breathiness, (recalling the old "Happy Birthday Mr. President" to J.F.K back when ) some Beyonce-like vocal in the attitude, and then...what we laughingly imagined a 900# operator with a sense of humor might sound like. I'm biased of course, but I think she nailed it. And I thought I'd never work with a "chick singer" again! I'm told this tune falls under the category of "hip hop", or "neo soul". I've been around too long to be "neo" anything but, ok.