Vic Cionetti
Vic Cionetti


"SPRING FEVER" on Parade is a tune I've been looking forward to recording for a long time. There's an energy in the air each Spring that always reminds me of being a kid and marching in parades. I first wrote this tune years ago and played it as an instrumental, then changed it to a vocal (with a different title), and it's now back to being an instrumental again. This arrangement is all new, but the inspiration to record this version comes from many fond memories that still linger of my friends and I, as pre-teens, traveling to nearby towns in old yellow school buses, marching in weekend parades with St. Joe's "peanut corps"; the young "feeder" corps for "St. Joseph's Drum Corps of Batavia, N.Y." For kids ranging from 8 to 12 years of age, some of those parades seemed endless, especially those of us in the drumline 'cause drummers had to play non-stop straight thru them. But then, it really didn't matter at the time... we were too young to know the difference! Plus, there was always a "carny" or a party to go to afterward that made it all worthwhile. (This was years before we would graduate at 13 to the "big" corps which meant traveling out of state in more upscale, at least for us Trailways buses..with our efforts no longer focused on parades, yes!...but on the very intense field competitions that would take us thru the 1960's state championships and national recognition.) There was an exhuberance, optimism, and energy in all of us back then that seemed inexhaustible. I tried to convey some of that spirit and sense of fun and energy in this 3 minute tune. So, if it at times "Spring Fever" sounds a little like a drum corps coming up behind a big band following a mardi gras parade...with a little Ringling Bros. thrown in....