Old Times Mark Time

Vic Cionetti
Vic Cionetti


"OLD TIMES MARK TIME" is a tune that is most inspired by more great memories I have playing snare drum from the age of 8 thru 21, in St. Joseph's Drum Corps. Man, I loved every minute of it. Lasting friendships and shared experiences, wins and losses..mostly wins :) marks our lives to this day. And the memories of those years can always bring a smile. The "we were like family" cliche' can be used and abused these days, but I really did feel like I had lots of brothers and sisters during those years. We all shared so many great times and experiences. A perennial State Champion and National Contender during the 1960's, "St. Joe's" had a top horn line and color guard, with a championship drumline that became the envy of many nationwide competitors. (Playing sax & clarinet with dance/ top 40, jazz & big band groups was always great fun for me too. But during that time period, there wasn't anything more important to me than being in "Joe's". ) This "Old Times Mark Time" tune "hints" at some of the routines we played during the 1960's. I hope it'll be fun for people from my home town and my old corps friends to listen to, and that it'll bring back fond memories from those good old days in "Mighty St. Joe's". We had one helluva corps.