Cut That Out

Vic Cionetti
Vic Cionetti


"CUT THAT OUT" from my 1st Lp, along with "ALMOST REGGAE" from my 2nd, are included in this "SPELLBOUND" CD in an attempt to preserve a little personal history and to recognize some of my musician friends from way back when. At least that was the intent at the beginning of this project. However, after transferring the original master tapes to digital format with my old friend and engineer extraordinaire Kevin Clock at Colorado Sound, we found later on, that both bass and drum tracks on "Cut That Out" were over compressed, and would need to be recorded again. (The original bass track on "CTO" was played by my old friend Marty Ruddy who passed away much too young, and the drum track played by long time friend Don Grove at American Recording Studio.) Peter Huffaker, and Tony Antonio, already on board for "Spellbound", recut the bass and drum tracks, respectively at Summit Recording Studios a few months ago. ("Almost Reggae", first recorded at Colorado Sound on the other hand, transferred ok, and all the musicians remain the same as under the credits inside the CD's jacket.) Also, before being remixed and remastered for "Spellbound", both "C T O" and "A R" were re-edited, slowed down to update the grooves, (a big improvement in my opinion), and then we added a few new parts-solos (bari sax solo in "CTO" and steel drums in "A R" ) along the way. Recording engineer par-excellance Ed Edwards and I recorded "SPELLBOUND" at Summit Recording in Parker, Co., and we had a great time doing it. Why did we mess with these two tunes at all? Because in today's digital world...we could! Interestingly enough, manually slowing down the tempos resulted in the key(s) of both tunes being lowered by a half step. (We can play "A R " in either key on a gig if we have to, but not "C T O", because in the key of B there's no low concert C on my old Armstrong bari!) In the past, "Cut That Out" has been described by listeners as "greazy funk", "sexy tough", and "whiskey soaked". So I'm guessing "Almost Reggae" might then call for what....a tall mojito? pina colada?