"SPELLBOUND" Review: Vic Cionetti's latest triumph—compact disc entitled "Spellbound"-shows just what Cionetti does best..write, arrange, play and record his own unique music with his own unique sound. I’ve heard each track and believe me, if you weren’t a Vic Cionetti fan before, you will be once you hear his latest work. If you are among those who are just now hearing about Vic Cionetti for the first time, he’s quite well-known among afficionados of Colorado’s jazz elite. He’s produced four albums/compact discs, performed at countless clubs & Colorado jazz festivals, and produced several critially acclaimed concerts of his music, writing and arranging dozens of captivating instrumentals. If you are among those fortunate enough to know that he's just now recorded again after a 10 year self imposed hiatus, then you can’t help but celebrate his recent return. This man has been making music nearly his whole life and the best has just now been released for 2010. Vic's new 2010 "Spellbound" CD also demonstrates an added maturity in Cionetti’s writing with a willingness to try new ideas especially in the title track. (Previously released albums include "Keepin' Me Up" (1980), "Liftoff!" (1984), and the highly praised "Simpatico"(2000). Two of the six selections on "Spellbound", entitled "Cut That Out" and "Almost Reggae"…are actually previously released recordings that were thoughtfully re-recorded and remixed for this new CD…giving the new versions a richer, fuller sound. And, of the four other releases on the album, my personal favorite, "Tip Toe" features lyrics written by Cionetti and sung by his wife, Char Gonzales, whose stunning singing and recording debut will hopefully lead her to the stage as well. His other songs—entitled, "Spring Fever", "Old Times Mark Time", and the title track, "Spellbound", are instrumental works of art. It’s obvious to me—a longtime fan of 30 years—that Cionetti has hit his groove on all levels. In the artists own words, "Spellbound" contains "melody driven sax-originals mixing elements of jazz, latin, and hip hop...with a little funk 'n stuff". I couldn’t have said it better! While much of "Spellbound" is intended as a tribute to Cionetti’s early years in Batavia, giving props to his many friends and fans back in upstate New York, Denver is still home. “Denver has been my home base for many years now, and I’ve loved living in the Mile High City. I’ve spent half my life here; recorded my first music here; played a variety of venues, concerts, and jazz festivals with some incredible musicians and established a significant fan base and many lasting friendships." "My heart may still be in Batavia, but Denver is my home.” "Spellbound" is set for release October 2010. If you’d like to purchase a copy of "Spellbound", check in the jazz section of your local Denver music outlet, visit Vic's website:, or go to CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, or Digstation. And please give him your feedback. If you’re a fan, you can email him: and let him know you, too, are glad to hear he’s back making music.


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