Welcome to the music of sax player/composer

Vic Cionetti

Cd's include:



"The More Things Change"


 "Keepin' Me Up" and "Liftoff"


 "The signature style we crave from jazz-man Vic Cionetti, takes an exotic detour with "SPELLBOUND". Fresh, mysterious melodies ride a magic-carpet of solid bass. The "Spellbound" theme itself will fly you away to velvety rich, Arabian nights. Pack your bags for a great ride that delivers!" -Danlyn I., Denver "SPELLBOUND is bold, tantalizing and downright sexy! It's wonderful. -Barbara C., Kansas City "'ANDIAMO!' newspaper's early review says Cionetti's songs are "instrumental works of art". The one exception that's gamering additional praise is Char Gonzales' seductive vocal on the hip hop/neo soul tune; 'TIP TOE!'"


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