Hi Vic, both my mother and father came from the same town Artena as mother. My mother and your mom were ere childhood friends in Artena. My parents and I, Amerigo and Rose Bucci used to visit your parents often sometimes especially when they were younger, we all visited Niagara Falls, your parents would often visit us in Buffalo. I remember you as a little kid. I remember your mom and dad, Mary and Peter, your dad worked at a Pharmacy in Batavia, Nick and i were about th same age. I remember Nick, it was sad to know he went through a battle wit polio. I remember when he married and I how smart his little daughter was. I remember your beautiful sisters Angie and also little Jeanette. My parents returned to Artena because since I had my own family, and my working in Europe, NATO projects and later in Saudi Arabia, and my being the only product they produced, I could not take care of them. I used to visit them when I could. One of my uncles was Mayor. I remember your mom sisters who I think owned a small grocery store in Artena. My mom could not write anymore, so I would read letters from your mom and write back to her. I am glad to know you have been pretty successful and are popular with your music career. I sometimes wondered what happened to ol' friends, in reading your bio, at least I caught up a bit. God bless you and your family and loved ones. Vic Bucci, retired in Civitavecchia, near Rome.
How wonderful to hear of your success. My family lived next door to your wonderful family on Manhattan Avenue when you were a little boy. Actually I have pictures of you, your sister Jeanette, my brother Dennis and me. What a great tribute to your mother and father. I am very much looking forward to finding your CD. My best wishes for your continued success. Josette Riso Anzalone
Vic - I just sent a long message to your e-mailbox describing how I dig your latest gem. If only we were back in our KADX days - I'd be spinning the hell out of it...
Vic: Welcome back! Don't know if you remember me and my wife Cathie, but we were two of your biggest fans! Sorry we missed your pre-release party at Dazzle - we didn't know about it. Looking forward to seeing you again in concert!
Spellbound is bold, tantalizing and downright sexy! It's wonderful. The musical genius combined with the sexual energy is hypnotic!