Vic Cionetti

Originally from Batavia in upstate New York, saxophonist/composer Vic Cionetti has made Denver, Colorado his home base. Recognized for his diverse and many abilities, that diversity and large talent has taken him from leading his own groups in his teens; to writing his original music for TV specials for the Denver Broncos and the Denver Nuggets; to performing an evening of his original music with the Denver Symphony Orchestra and releasing 5 original recordings (2 Lp's 3/CD's), while leading his popular group, "Vic Cionetti & Friends". As "Vic Cionetti & Friends", he produced several critically acclaimed concerts of his "melody driven saxOriginals" to standing-room-only audiences at the Houston Fine Arts Center and The Gothic Theater in Denver, as well as showcasing his six and 14-piece bands at the Winter Park, Vail, Breckenridge, and Telluride Jazz Festivals. Among his many achievements, Vic has been selected as "Best Songwriter" and "Best Record Album of the Year" by the Denver Post Readers Poll. His dramatic composition entitled; "Mendoza", (recorded for his "Simpatico" CD released in 2000) and performed with the Denver Symphony Orchestra at Boettcher Concert Hall was met with an enthusiastic standing ovation from the 2500 plus attendees at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. His newest release for 2010 "SPELLBOUND". contains six "Melody driven saxOriginals that mix elements of Jazz, Latin, and Hip Hop..with a little Funk 'n stuff". These songs include the Mardi Gras-like toe tapper "Spring Fever", an amazingly seductive "come hither" vocal by Char Gonzales on the neo-soul/hip hop groove of "Tip Toe" (which marks her singing/recording debut), the funky "Cut That Out"; instantly fun "Almost Reggae"; plus his tribute to his years playing snare in drum corps with "Old Times Mark Time", and the compellingly dark, hypnotically exotic, title tune; "Spellbound". "ANDIAMO!" newspaper proclaims his new "SPELLBOUND" songs as "instrumental works of Heart". (please see the PRESS/REVIEW section for the complete "ANDIAMO!" review) His earler 2000 release titled "Simpatico", features all original music with a more Latin flavor and these include his aforementioned dramatic composition; "Mendoza", as well as seven other gems that include the blazingly fun "Speedy Linquini", Antonio Carlos Jobim influenced "Simpatico"; the contemporary jazzy "She's Sooo Cool"; the sultry "Love In The Sun"; the lanquid & reggae tinged "Summer Dreams"; and the appropriately titled, percussively nuanced "Bossa-Netti". These songs have pleased not only jazz lovers, but music lovers of all ages. That his late parents, Peter and Mary, and brother, Nick, have influenced his music is very touchingly in evidence with the waltz entitled "Song For My Parents" also on the "Simpatico" CD, and originally recorded live with the Denver Symphony Orchestra. Vic writes about his parents and the genesis of the song in his portion of the liner notes below. At the Jazz Oasis, Denver's 24-hour jazz station, KUVO FM 89.3 Program Director, Carlos Lando, writes the main liner notes with warmth and insight. Recently, Cionetti has this to say about his own music: "I love coming up with new sounds and melodies, and my focus is to only perform and record music that I write. This gives me a chance to get a sound and style that is unique to me and the band and more clearly defines who I am as a person and an artist. While this singular approach separates me from many instrumentalists today, that's just a byproduct and not the reason that I do it." "I do it 'cause it's the most fun."  "If my music can take listeners someplace new and interesting while adding a bit of fun and romance to the experience, and, (if in performance) an audience responds positively? Then, I feel GREAT!" Mission accomplished Vic. They have and they do. Listen and see if you agree. - Jude Hibler, Jazz Link Enterprises

Bonus Information

"I've often been asked what inspired me to write "Song For My Parents"...
The photo is of my parents, Peter and Mary. Born in Italy, Peter came to America with his parents at the age of six. He returned to the old country in his early 20's where he met and married my mother in her home town of Artena, Italy, near Rome. They came back to the US to raise a family, and had been married 25 years when this photo was taken. Being the youngest member of the family (preceded by siblings Nick, Angie, and Jeanette), I was about 10 years old when they were about to celebrate their Silver Wedding Anniversary with a party. I was very excited at the prospect of not only getting to stay up late, but, because this was such a special occasion, I would also get to go to a real night club! ..not that exciting anymore. In any event, I found myself sitting alone midway through the evening in one of those very posh (for a 10 year old), semicircle red vinyl booths. And at my half-pint height peering between semi-filled cocktail glasses, party streamers and half full cigarette ashtrays, I spotted my parents across the floor doing something completely out of character to my life experience...they were dancing...a quiet dance, a slow dance, a waltz. My father rarely danced. But he knew how to waltz with my mother. They looked beautiful together. Seeing them that way, tenderly, as a couple and not just as "my parents" has stayed with me all my life. Although they passed away many years ago, that early impression, now a bittersweet remembrance is what inspired me to write the waltz; "Song for My Parents". VC Vic Cionetti, 4 years old with brother Nick, age 20.